On Wednesday, July 25, 2018, Minister of Local Government and Community Development Honorable Desmond McKenzie, Minister of National Security Honorable Horace Chang and Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Honourable Karl Samuda, visited the Historic Town of Falmouth for a meeting and tour the town.

The Ministers met with the Chairman of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation, His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth Councillor C. Junior Gager, Custos Rotulorum Honourable Paul Mushett, Councillor for the Falmouth Division Garth Wilkinson, C.E.O. of the Municipal Corporation Andrew Harrison, Head of the Port Authority of Jamaica Professor Gordon Shirley and Port Manager for Falmouth Pier Mark Hylton. The meeting sought to discuss the developments taking place in the town and also present recommendations for improvements in the Municipality.

Following the meeting, the Ministers were treated to a tour of the town. They toured the Falmouth Pier and Cruise Ship, Historic Water Square and the Craft Village, while Minister McKenzie extended his tour to the New Falmouth Market, soon to be opened, as well as a section of the old market which is being proposed to be developed as a parking facility for the town.

While at the Craft Market, the Minister patronized the vendors, as well as facilitated discussions with them as they aired their concerns. The Minister of Local Government and Community Development then journeyed to the New Market, which is now the ‘buzz’ in the streets of Falmouth. It was projected by the Trelawny Municipal Corporation that the market would have been opened for vending on Monday July 30, however, Minister McKenzie encouraged the officers at the Municipal Corporation to stagger the opening.

This, the Municipal Corporation welcomed, as at it would appease the vendors who were clamoring to remain undisturbed in the old market until after the ‘Back to School’ period.
During the tour of the market, the Minister commended the Municipal Corporation for the major improvements in works that have been carried out since the last time he visited. The New Market, when opened, will be a state of the art market facility, housing:

  •  Haberdashery Shops
  • Ground Provision Stalls
  • Juici Patties Franchise
  • Wholesale Stalls
  • Butcher Stalls
  • Cook Shops
  • Bend Down
  • Stalls

Following the visit to the market, the Minister along with officials from the Trelawny Municipal Corporation and Port of Falmouth then proceeded to a section of the old market, which is the proposed site for the parking facility.

Congestion is one of the major problems with which the town of Falmouth is plagued, hence the need for adequate and regulated parking. It is projected that this transport centre will allow for Falmouth to see less congestion in the town and allow for the pedestrians and cruise ship passengers a more favourable experience in the town.

The Trelawny Municipal Corporation, living up to its tagline, “Committed to You, Committed to the Future”, will continue to work with residents and stakeholders to make Falmouth a great town.