Trelawny Local Sustainable Development Plan

The Trelawny Local Sustainable Development Plan is a tool to guide the Local Authority 

to manage the orderly growth and development of the parish by identifying areas of 

improvements and opportunities and the strategies to achieve the goals and objectives 

of the parish. One of the main objectives of this approach is to develop a planning 

strategy that promotes integration between the local and national planning authorities, 

which involves citizens in determining a vision for the parish and strategies to achieve 

this vision. The challenge is to reshape social and economic dynamics to form a more 

integrated and efficient system linking residential and employment areas, providing 

access to urban services and work opportunities and to ensure more supportive 

relationships between social and ecological systems. 

In February 2010, the Department of Local Government, in conjunction with Local 

Authorities conducted a one day Visioning Symposia. This Symposium was done to 

provide a forum for forging a vision for the development of each community and the 

parish of Trelawny as a whole, to visualize what each community and parish would 

become or achieve in twenty (20) years time; and to ensure that such a vision would be 

a collective product of all relevant stakeholder groups in the parish. 

From the Visioning Symposia it is clear that this parish is aware of the direction in which 

it needs to go. The Trewlany Local Sustainable Development Plan will be that vision 

manifested into reality.  The TLSDP will not only guide and manage the orderly growth 

and development of the parish in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the 

citizens but also support the Development Order for Trelawny, VISON 2030 and other 

policies of national development.

Benefits of the Trelawny Local Sustainable Development Plan 

  •  Provision of economic opportunity and growth; 
  •  Protection and preservation of the natural resources in the Parish;
  • Develop and promote heritage/cultural tourism, sports tourism, natural health tourism and  business tourism; 
  • Fosters community interaction and community development by improving social 
  • Utilizing resources in the parish to improve economic base; 
  • Increased participatory governance, transparency and involvement of civic organisations.