$1.6 Billion Upgrade for Martha Brae Water Systems in Trelawny

Water supplied to approximately 200,000 residents served by the National Water Commission’s (NWC) facilities at Martha Brae, Trelawny, will be significantly boosted to 11 million gallons per day, following the completion of two major projects, valued approximately J$1.6 billion, at that location.

The projects, which were carried out by the NWC under the Jamaica Water Supply Improvement Project (JWSIP) over 18 months, entailed rehabilitation of the existing six million gallons of water per day treatment plant, and construction of a supporting facility that will provide an additional five million gallons, daily.

Both facilities, on which work commenced in 2013, will serve residents of Martha Brae and adjoining communities, as well as districts in St. James and St. Ann, which are situated close to Trelawny’s borders.

The plants were commissioned into service by Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, during a brief ceremony on Friday, February 11.

In delivering remarks, Mr. Pickersgill said the facilities are pivotal to the NWC’s quest to maintain potable water supplies to over 70 per cent of Trelwany.

“While the NWC is not the only water provider, it is estimated that it now provides water to more than 70 per cent of the population of Trelawny. This is indeed a significant improvement over the previous decade,” he noted.

Mr. Pickersgill also welcomed the prospect of the facilities strengthening the water corridor serving other communities between Negril, Westmoreland, and Runaway Bay, St. Ann, and boosting supplies to residents and other beneficiaries.


“This project…will go a far way in providing the infrastructure to further improving our water supply service and, in general, our nation’s developmental needs,” he stated.