His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor C. Junior Gager gave a very vibrant and passionate presentation at the Friends Of Trelawny Association (FOTA) Awards Banquet, held on May 25, 2018 at the Royal Chateau Hall in Rosedale, New York. During his speech, His Worship congratulated the Association for the stellar work they have been doing over the past 37 years, and made an impassioned plea for them to consider renovating/refurbishing ‘The Clock’ which is a historical monument, standing in Water Square, Falmouth.
The Awards Banquet was followed by a grand Picnic on Sunday, which saw over 2000 parishioners from home and the Diaspora coming together to show their love and dedication to the parish. The rains which came could not damper the jubilant and festive mood of the patrons.  Also present at the celebrations were Member of Parliament for North Trelawny- Victor Wright, as well as Former Mayor of Falmouth- Councillor Garth Wilkinson.
FOTA’s contributions to the parish include, but are not limited to:

  • Initiated food drives and provided presents and meals to patients at the Falmouth Hospital during festive occasions.
  • Made significant donations to educational programmes
  • Awarded scholarships for students of the parish 

The Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) was incorporated in 2001. On Memorial Weekend every year, FOTA has held its Trelawny Reunion in New York. The celebrations are geared towards promoting the heritage of the parish of Trelawny, as well as to raise funds to help facilitate the development of various projects in the parish. To date, more than 6,000 patrons from all over the world have attend this annual event. The Government of Jamaica, and the Trelawny Municipal Corporation have provided support throughout the years.

From left to right: Rose Ann Green – Asst. Secretary/PR, His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth - C. Junior Gager, Norman Goburn - President , Ralston Roberts – Chairman, Jennifer Noble – Asst. Treasurer

His Worship the Mayor, C. Junior Gager and two officers of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation, Shakera Williams – Community Programmes Coordinator (left)
Garcia McLean – Senior Secretary (right)

His Worship, Mayor Gager, Member of Parliament- North Trelawny, Victor Wright, Garcia McLean and Shakera Williams

His Worship and officers from the Municipal Corporation.

Mayor Gager and Councillor of the Falmouth Division, Garth Wilkinson

Mayor Gager engaging Treasurer and assistant in discussion about developing Falmouth.

Not even the rain could stop the festivities at the Trelawny Day celebrations.

His Worship being interviewed by Rose-Ann Green, FOTA Asst. Treasurer/PR

His Worship and the FOTA PRO pose for a pic.